The Rising Of A New And Modern Uptown Bay City

What’s happening at the Uptown Bay City that’s keeping everyone abuzz and excited?

Development for the Uptown Bay City is coming along well and new tenants are expected to be joining the existing ones soon. This 43-acre modern and urban development has been buzzing with construction work ever since the ground-breaking in 2012. The first phase of the development includes offices for prestigious companies, unique eateries, brownstone rental apartments, luxury condominiums, medical and commercial retail facilities, and specialty retail shops. The Bay City Riverwalk will serve as a wonderful amenity on the site, connecting all of Bay City along the Saginaw River. 

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Major Riverfront Development In Uptown Bay City

The fully-furnished luxury condominiums will have high-end amenities, high-end and technology-based appliances, and granite counter tops, among many other things. According to the vice president of SSP Associates, Inc. Peter Shaheen, the project developer for this major riverfront development, over 200,000 tons of concrete have been removed from old building foundations and rubble on the site, since 2012. Building on the site is supported by steel piles that extend 100 feet into the ground.

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$2.4 Million Riverwalk Project

Construction of the new section of Riverwalk including a plaza and day dock area is set to begin soon at the Uptown Bay City construction site. Voted on by the Bay City Commission on May 5, favoring the award of the $2.4 million contract to a Buena Vista-based developer/contractor, the project should include various work on sidewalks, landscaping and electrical projects along the east shoreline of the Saginaw River

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Timely Funding Vote

The vote is a timely one because it will help expedite the contract’s heaviest construction period ahead before the arrival of one of the big tenants of the Uptown Bay City. It means prior to the tenant’s arrival, heavy construction will be finished for the most part, so it won’t be disruptive to the incoming tenants who will move in to their new buildings.

Scope Of $2.4 Million Project

Included in the $2.4 million contract is concrete pavement, segmental block retaining walls, brick pavers, power pedestals, lighting control panels, conduit, stairs, steel rivets for railings and other construction, floating docks, light pole bases, railroad abutment overlook, site furnishings and restoration.

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More New Tenants Coming

Apart from the contracted tenants already announced, there are more tenants to be announced in the coming weeks who have decided to locate to Uptown. The project developer and coordinator envisions Uptown to be recognized as a regional jewel not just for downtown Bay City but for the entire Great Lakes Bay community and as a world-class and densely-populated development that will rival any great neighborhood across the country.

Project Funding Source

The Riverwalk project is being financed by the city’s bond money. In 2012, the Bay City Commission approved $23 million in city bond money which would be used for the life of the Uptown project and should be paid within 30 years by the tax increment revenues from the project. The borrowed bond money could be paid off sooner than 30 years if the project is able to generate higher-than-projected revenues.


Are you one of the new tenants moving in to Uptown Bay City?