In The Auto Market, Is Aluminum Steel’s Strongest Rival?

Since the best selling truck and vehicle in the United States is now the aluminum-body 2015 Ford F-150, it would appear that American car buyers are ready to accept aluminum as a reliable material to use in their toughest automobiles. While Ford received a lot of attention and praise for the auto body update, other car makers are trying to turn the public’s attention back in favor of steel. Steel has long been associated as the quintessential material for cars and especially trucks, but is that still the case? Chevy makes the argument that, for pickup trucks, indeed it is with their new video ad campaign.

Chevrolet Disses Aluminum Ford F-150 in New Videos | Motor Trend


Image Source: Motor Trend

“Despite a supplier shortage of frames for the new 2015 Ford F-150, the aluminum-bodied pickup is still the number one selling truck – and vehicle – in the U.S. In a series of new videos, Chevrolet challenges Ford and illustrates how consumers show more confidence in steel versus aluminum in everyday use. […] While the videos show the Chevrolet Silverado coming out ahead in subjective tests as well as results from a third party, the Silverado does use an aluminum hood. Additionally, GM is eyeing aluminum for its full-size trucks in the next few years.”

Do you think that Chevy is delivering the right message on steel over aluminum, even though they are exploring the material for new applications with their own trucks? What are your thoughts on this shift in automotive manufacturing and the consumer response to it? Tell us what you think in the comments.