Just What Went Into The New Aluminum Body F-150 Pickup?

As Ford’s new F-150 goes on sale and makes history as one of the first mass-market aluminum body pickup trucks, a lot of car and energy enthusiasts are focusing on how this lighter innovation will impact fuel economy and set new automotive trends. But just what went into this truck–and what was left out–to make it so unique?

Aerospace and military grade aluminum are just one part of the F-150 construction. The fasteners and adhesives that hold everything together may be one of the more notable aspects of the new pickup. 

“The new F-150 also has more than 350 feet of structural adhesive beads to supplement the joint strength provided by fasteners. The adhesive also blocks noise and moisture and enhances collision performance. Like the use of aluminum and special fasteners, these adhesives are well proven after years of reliable service. In the past decade, the amount of structural adhesives in car and truck bodies in general has increased by 50 percent.”

The new pickup also includes self-piercing rivets that leave only a slightly visible bump on the material surface. The whole assembly process has amounted to a factory floor with fewer sparks and machinery noise.

Based on how consumers respond to this new truck, we could be seeing more innovations like this for autos over the next year or two. 

What did you find most unexpected about the new F-150? 

2 thoughts on “Just What Went Into The New Aluminum Body F-150 Pickup?

  1. Ford’s dealer ordering guide shows the vehicle available only with 17-inch wheels, some of the smallest available in the big pickup segment, to lower weight and reduce rolling friction. It will be available with a choice of regular or super cab configurations. A Ford spokesman declined to provide more details about the truck. At the very least, it is good to know that Ford has said the new pickups will offer improved fuel economy, towing, and hauling capability, compared to 2014 models.

  2. The first thing that comes to mind about this truck is just how strong and safe the vehicle’s aluminum body is in a car accident. I must say, it is pretty cool to see how this truck gets made on the assembly line. The robots and assembly workers make it look so simple, even though it’s a complicated mechanism. I did notice that the assembly of the vehicle didn’t look like a typical scene from car assembly lines of the past. There were no sparks and welds and a lot less noise.

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