The McInnis Boat Launch Desperately Needs A Long Overdue Makeover

Do you know about the popular boat launch in Moss Point?

If you do, you must know that the famous boat launch in Moss Point, also known as McInnis boat launch is in pretty bad shape and in need of a makeover soon. Situated on a bayou connecting directly to the Pascagoula River’s east branch, the McInnis boat launch has become famous through the years.

Rapid Rivet - Marine Pop Rivets - Nov 2013 1r8UUC.AuSt.77Long Overdue Repair Work

Within the jurisdiction of Jackson County, the boat launch which used to bustle with activities on weekends has been sitting empty for some time. The repair work for the McInnis boat launch is long overdue, a sentiment shared by many.

No Longer Safe

Melton Harris, Jackson County Supervisor explains that over the years, the use of the pier and the boat launch area has greatly been decreased mainly for safety reasons. The boat launch is no longer considered safe to use. According to Harris, the McInnis boat launch has operated for more than 40 years and problems have since accumulated, resulting in its unsafe condition now. Due to age, pier components have loosened, marine pop rivets disengaged causing joined materials to separate, etc.

Current Physical Condition Of The Boat Launch

Some of the problems, which only get worse with age, that need to be addressed soon include:

  • Deteriorating bulkhead
  • Damaged pier
  • Boards on the piers are worn out
  • Pilings need to be replaced

Grant Funding For The McInnis Boat Launch

Fortunately, Jackson County was approved for $100,000 in grant funding to be specifically spent in rebuilding the McInnis boat launch. The fund is for the area makeover which would include repairing the damaged pier, replacing worn out boards and piles, paving the parking lot, etc. And in order to facilitate what’s needed for the makeover, the country commits to contribute additional money in order for the project to push through.

Project To Begin In April

With engineering completed, the county plans to award the contract soon in order to begin the project no later than April. For Harris and the other folks who launch their boats or just to relax by the water, this is more than good news.

What The Boat Launch Means To People of Moss Point

Living just up the road from the launch on the corner of Griffin and Hemlock streets, James Henson said that he could put a boat in at the boat launch and easily make it to US90 or even Interstate 10 via the Pascagoula River in a short period of time. The boat launch rebuilding is indeed a welcome news for the frequenters of Moss Point.Rapid Rivet - Marine Pop Rivets - Nov 2013 launched_boatbuilder-150x150

Wouldn’t you be excited to see the boat launch after the makeover?