What Mine Resistant Ambush Proof Vehicle Can Do To A County

Are there explosive mines in Saginaw County to need a Mine Resistant Ambush Proof (MRAP) vehicle?

Saginaw County in Michigan was recently given this vehicle by the U.S. Army for free. The county sheriff, William Federspiel wouldn’t count on having to use this vehicle meant as a tool for some of toughest situations any law enforcement department might encounter. But in a worst-case scenario, Sheriff Federspiel will be able to carry his staff to a disaster-stricken area to help.

This military vehicle is usually found in military bases and used in war-zone areas.

MRAP: County’s New Acquisition At Zero Cost
The MRAP vehicle is just one of the many new acquisitions which the sheriff’s department successfully got their hands on. Other new acquisitions are a net gun and stun vest. When asked about the MRAP truck, the sheriff is very vocal in saying that he wouldn’t hope or wish for the vehicle to be put to use because when that happens, it can only mean one thing – something beyond awful has happened.

Nevertheless, he knows he has the responsibility to prepare for any eventuality of disastrous magnitude. His primary goal is to put the department and its staff in the best position to protect the citizens and property. That’s why the county has this secure MRAP vehicle.

Saginaw County recently received this MRAP vehicle.

Where MRAP May Be Used
There are certain county situations in which the MRAP could be used, such as:

  • Situations where an armed gunman with high-powered weapons is terrorizing the city or county
  • Situations where criminals carry guns with silencers, assault rifles and other heavy-duty weapons
  • Situations where the law enforcement officers are outgunned by the criminals

Protection Provided By MRAP
In these situations, the MRAP vehicle can protect everyone inside it even if directly fired at with a 0.50 caliber weapon. If faced with criminals equipped with high-power weaponry, the MRAP vehicle will provide the needed protection and safety for the law enforcers.

No Maintenance Budget For MRAP
The MRAP vehicle was free – at no cost to Saginaw County, and there is no maintenance budget for the vehicle. Saginaw County can obtain parts from as small as military rivets to as big as tires that can’t be punctured or bulletproof windows or doors, at absolutely no cost. Sheriff Federspiel said he plans to use the funds from drug forfeiture in the event the vehicle needs repairs.

MRAP Protective Features
Some of the protective features of the vehicle include:

  • Positively-charged atmosphere that allows the vehicle to travel safely into areas with heavy smoke or chemical cloud
  • Heat-resistant body
  • Bullet-proof passenger compartment
  • Can withstand a mine blast with a v-shaped undercarriage
  • Tires that cannot be punctured
  • Engine compartment with deflective surfaces which is bullet proof
  • Metal slat-covered windows to deflect any grenade attack

MRAP vehicle can travel safely into areas with heavy smoke or chemical cloud.

How MRAP Is Used By The Military
For the military, the MRAP vehicle is their means to transport troops and engineers working to find IEDs, or to transport the military medical team to disaster-stricken areas. For Saginaw County, the MRAP vehicle is an indication of the county’s preparedness although some are concerned that the MRAP vehicle is an indication of the military taking over the county.

Not To Be Sold
Coming as a gift from the military, the only condition of the US Army is for Saginaw County not to sell the MRAP vehicle and instead be returned to the military if the county no longer wants it.

Do you want your county to have the MRAP vehicle?

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  1. I would love to have this vehicle for my own personal use. I would feel so special, so invincible driving such a vehicle that I would take it out on the town and flaunt it proudly. I guess I will have to settle for a Jeep Wrangler with a front bumper grill and some monster wheels. I saw one recently and I became enamored with the idea of driving one.

  2. I have to wonder if this vehicle is a new invention. If not, then why weren’t those vehicles deployed more in Iraq? And if those vehicles were deployed during the war, then why are there so many U.S. soldiers with missing limbs resulting from improvised detonating explosives (IDE)? Were most of those injured veterans on foot? There are more questions than answers as far as I’m concerned.

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