NASA Seeks And Receives Some Winning Aircraft Designs

NASA recently put out the call for an aircraft design that may amount to some considerable competition for standard piston engine aircraft. The challenge was put forth to students throughout the United States. In response, submissions came from twenty universities and many were quite impressive. As NASA selected the winners from various university levels and published their designs, these concept planes show a light, sleek, efficient—and quieter—future for small aircraft.

Students rise to NASA electric aircraft design challenge | Gizmag

 nasa-studentImage Source: Gizmag

“According to NASA, the ideas of these students are more than mere academic exercises; research at the space agency in aeronautics also includes finding ways to cut back on fossil fuel dependence and reduce the aviation sector’s pollution emissions, including lessening noise around airports. ‘The research and critical thinking that went into each of these designs was very impressive,’ said Jaiwon Shin, NASA’s associate administrator for aeronautics. ‘It’s clear there is a new generation of aeronautical innovators nearly ready to make their mark on the future of aviation.’”

Computer-modeled propellers, rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries, hydrogen-powered fuel cells and a tadpole-shaped fuselage were among the highlights among the winning designs. What are your thoughts on the winning submissions and important features for more efficient, futuristic aircraft? Do you think NASA’s student challenges are a good source of innovative ideas? Tell us what you think in the comments.