Are You Ready For The House Of The Future?

What is so unique about the Village Park Eco Home?

First and foremost, this unique house is a living example of how a good collaboration of many contributors can result in one solid and unified product, inspired by one common goal. Highland Village in Denton County, Texas is the proud home of this nearly-completed demo-house which hopes to provide potential homeowners a glimpse of the “house of the future” – a high-performance and eco-friendly house that homeowners have no reason not to love.

Rapid Rivet - Semi Tubular Rivers - March 2014vfiles30345A Collaborative Project

It’s a project started by builder, Wayne Atkins of Double Oak. Atkins happens to be the owner of Sterling Brook Custom Homes and he asked Chris Miles, co-host of the House Talk Today show to be the project’s consultant. Miles happens to build homes when he’s not co-hosting the show. Atkins capitalized on the experience, expertise and knowledge of Miles in the science of building homes that are energy-efficient and sustainable.

The Village Park Eco Home

The Eco Home is a project built on a common goal of making it a healthy and sustainable abode, integrating energy-efficient features and using eco-friendly materials. Atkins used cutting-edge construction systems for this project.

Rapid Rivet - Semi Tubular Rivets - March 2014a01bb8_b04407361aac4b03a7c4b895168e3103.jpg_srz_970_601_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srzUnique Energy-Efficient Features

Consider what this house offers: It can deliver hot water in under a minute. The house is equipped with superior HVAC features, tightly-sealed with semi-tubular rivets with a duct that automatically opens and runs for 10 minutes to allow fresh air to circulate for 2 to 3 hours. This HVAC system has allowed the unvented attic to stay within 5 degrees of the rest of the house.

Another energy-efficient feature of this house is the hardwood floor made from standing dead oak trees harvested from a forest in Wisconsin. This doesn’t cost the environment any cutting of the precious trees left in very few forests in the planet.

Flex-Room Concept

The flexible interior layout of Village Park Eco Home has been the baby of Atkins Design Group owner, Cherri, who is also the wife of builder Wayne Atkins. Flexibility was the guiding principle in the interior’s lay-out design, taking into considerations multiple functions and activities one room or area can host. A flex-room can be used as a formal dining room for the family which can be a play room for young children as well. The interior design has to meet the needs of homeowners and adapt as the family evolves and changes.

Rapid Rivet - Semi Tubular Rivets - March 2014ISptrel5tja0351000000000Green And Sustainable Materials

The demo-house not only employed cutting-edge construction methods and building materials but it also made use of eco-friendly materials for the interior. Wooden tile was used for the tile above the fireplace while the bookshelves used cork wallpaper. The island countertop is all-bamboo.


The demo-house was available for viewing and weekend tours starting April 19 until May 11. Were you there to see this unique house?