A Time To Shine And Sell At The Paris Air Show

In addition to finding the latest in aviation technology and innovation on display, the Paris Air Show is a chance for the world’s biggest names in aerospace to do business. Both Airbus and Boeing had a good day in that respect, with Boeing making the largest single deal thanks to a $20 billion order from Indonesian company Garuda.

Paris Air Show: Airbus and Boeing end day on 200 orders | BBC News


Image Source: BBC News

Garuda president Ari Wibowo said his company’s order for both long and short-haul aircraft, including 30 Boeing 787 Dreamliners, was to expand the carrier’s domestic and international route network, including to the US. ‘We are concentrating on the most efficient aircraft that can support our business in the future,’ he said. With Airbus and Boeing having a backlog of some 12,000 orders stretching years ahead, Garuda will start taking delivery of the planes from 2020.”

Airbus also had an especially noteworthy day and is now set to build the world’s largest satellite constellation for OneWeb.

“…the satellite deal Airbus announced with OneWeb involves the aerospace group building 600 satellites to be launched initially, with the rest held as spares. No financial details were given.”

Will you be following other deals and developments set to come from the Paris Air Show?