How Will The 2016 Defense Budget Impact Aerospace Manufacturing?

As other nations adjust their defense spending and invest in a new age of military capabilities, many want to know what the U.S. will be making out of its 2016 defense budget, especially as sequestration remains and issue. Presented by the Obama administration last week, the specifics therein are focused on small and agile, with a new focus on cyber defense and capabilities.  The new budget also includes room for a new generation of fighter jets, cargo and maritime patrol aircraft, and the much talked about, seldom seen Long Range Strike Bomber.  However, these and other ambitious updates could be compromised by looming budget caps.

What Obama’s new defense budget means for the aerospace industry | Fortune

“If Congress and the administration can’t find the revenue or spending cuts to bring the budget in line with BCA controls before the new fiscal year begins in October, 7% mandatory budget cuts could impact programs across the board. The way Guggenheim’s Schweizer sees it, that means any program that’s received a funding boost is a winner in this scenario. Programs that were flat or cut going into the fiscal 2016 budget—and that could still face more cuts later this year—are the losers.”

What defense and aerospace projects are you most eager to see come to life through the current 2016 defense budget?