How Will The Airline Industry Strengthen Its Guard Against Hackers?

While aircraft are becoming more advanced and airlines are trying to rise above the competition with newer amenities and tech improvements, there’s one major issue that’s posing a serious risk across the entire airline and commercial aviation industry. That problem is hacking, and it’s becoming increasingly apparent just how dangerous things can get if commercial aviation doesn’t identify and address its vulnerability. In attempting to do so, the FAA, aircraft manufacturers and individual airliners are looking for security solutions from sources inside and outside the industry.

How the FAA and airline industry hope to protect planes from hackers | Fortune


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“The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration along with members of the airline industry are holding private meetings to discuss how to better protect airplanes—whether they be big Boeings or corporate jets—from hackers, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal. The meetings are supposed to help the aviation industry come up with design and testing standards that will help reduce aircraft cybersecurity risks. Airline security has been a hot topic over the past few months amid a series of hacking attacks on retailers, banks, and the government agencies. “   

Individual companies are also inviting hackers to test for vulnerabilities. United Airlines has gone as far as offering frequently flyer miles as incentives for successfully breaking in to the company’s mobile apps and website. Boeing has also reached out to hackers to help identify security faults in its 787 Dreamliner software.

What are your thoughts on the growing hacking incidents and vulnerabilities facing the airline industry?

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