Will Drone Bans Hinder Aviation And Commercial Innovation?

Development and use of drones are growing. Like all new technology that could be just dangerous as it is useful, it’s not clear just how much we should limit the use and development of drones in the private sector.

Some lawmakers, governments and other organizations are pushing for restricted use or outright bans of commercial and private drones, citing reasons of security and safety, but will banning drones be worth the hinderance to innovation and progress that may be possible through commercial use of this technology? 

Some say that banning drones won’t even solve the issues or remedy the concerns raised. 

“Let’s first acknowledge that drones will be common in our skies and that they will play an integral role in our economy and society. We know that drones are saving money and improving safety on many types of remote inspection such as that of distant pipelines and tall broadcast towers. Documentary filmmakers use drones to get aerial shots that are not affordable with a regular plane or helicopter. As well, start-ups like Matternet are pioneering the use of drones to deliver critical medical supplies to remote parts of the developing world.”

Is there a way we can reap all the benefits of drone use to expedite functions of our society without them interfering with or compromising safety and security?  Many are concerned with how they’ll simply coexist in the skies with manned aircraft, but that’s an issue for which we’ll need to be prepared.

How do you feel about the issue of banning drones or regulating their use for purposes of safer skies?

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2 thoughts on “Will Drone Bans Hinder Aviation And Commercial Innovation?

  1. What a wonderful and intriguing story. It sounds like a news report right out of a show like DateLine, which airs on the NBC network. I have been watching videos that were recorded by arial drones and some of those videos, I must say, are really interesting. I kind of like the idea of being able to traverse the sky and go beyond any borders that people set for you. With drones, we can gain access to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible.

  2. I really hope that the government doesn’t start severely restricting the air space for drones. I am considering buying one. I have enjoyed watching many of the drone videos that owner operators have posted on social media. I’ve seen some incredible and breath-taking Arial footage that drones can capture. I’d hate this developing art form to get stifled because of paranoia and because a few mischievous drone operators decide to invade the privacy of individuals and organizations.

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