Will This New Light Aircraft Hybrid Accessory Help Save Lives?

Light aircraft, or single engine planes, are a favorite among hobby pilots. However, even if the pilot is exceptionally skilled, sometimes things are likely to go wrong at certain altitudes or with any number of components. There’s a new hybrid power plant engine accessory that may help prevent the power loss that causes accidents in light aircraft.

First practical hybrid aircraft takes to the skies — and could save many lives | Extreme Tech

Axter-engineImage Source: Extreme Tech

The accessory electric motor nestles in neatly between your standard Rotax 912 or 914 jet fuel engine, and the prop. When the pilot flicks a switch, it dumps 30 kw (approximately 40 hp) of pure rotating bliss into the power pipeline. While the device can be used for fuel-free taxiing on the ground, or as a welcome assist for short and weighty take-offs, its real purpose is to buy time in the air when the engine conks.

The power system was recently tested, successfully, in a flight across the English Channel. Axter Aerospace, the firm that developed the accessory, is now offering the system to pilots who wish to try it out.

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