Will Windowless Planes Change Commercial Aerospace?

Airliners are amazing pieces of technology, but commercial flying can leave a lot to be desired. There is one technological innovation that’s creating a lot of buzz among the aerospace community and frequent flyers.  

The concept is known as the windowless plane, and it could change the experience of flying as well as the interior construction of the modern airliners. Replacing the tiny oblong windows that line the sides of the jet, the windowless plane will instead feature OLED displays that line the fuselage an give passengers a boundless view of the sky they’re traveling through.  

“The screens could be used to display images of the exterior of the airplane, as well as information relevant to passengers. CPI said that the technology necessary to manufacture the displays for the same price as current displays is just five years out.”

Windowless planes: is this the future of flying? – YouTube

Do you think this concept will soon change the construction of planes and the experience of flying? Tell us your thoughts in the comments. 

4 thoughts on “Will Windowless Planes Change Commercial Aerospace?

  1. I think that a windowless plane could change a lot about the commercial aerospace business, after all people afraid to fly will never get on one. Could you imagine not being able to get away from the window seat because there are windows persay all the way around you? I think it is an interesting idea but I just think it Is impractical.

  2. I think if we are talking about the plane in the picture that has no ceiling etc. and you can just see the sky all around you it would be a phenomenal ride but it would be a little scary as well. Think about the person flying because they have to but they are afraid of heights or just flying in general. Cool but dangerous I say.

  3. This is delicately going to require some getting used to, especially for most persons who have an innate fear of heights. That includes myself. As a matter of fact, I read on Fox news that a company in the U.K. has unveiled a similar concept for commercial planes where windows would be replaced by full-length smart screens to show what’s happening outside as the plane flies through the air. While the Centre for Process Innovation’s concept to eliminate cabin windows isn’t new, it says it can be done in the next 10 years. Even though I’m afraid of heights, I want to at least see the video of the first flights of such airplanes. I’m sure when that time comes, it will be headline news.

  4. I think this is a different company than the one featured in this article, but Airbus’s engineers have created a virtual Concept Cabin to give an insight into some of the innovations and technologies that they think will completely change passengers’ experiences. Gone are the regulated class divisions of First, Business and Economy, replaced by personalized zones that offer flexible, tailored levels of relaxation, interactivity and working spaces. Passengers will choose to travel in the Interactive zone, with a bar and electronic games where they can mingle and socialise. And those wanting quiet and solitude can choose the Relaxation zone.

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